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Progressive Tribune Commends Decision to Commute Death Penalties, Says Can Influence Process of Restoring Stability

2018-04-28 - 2:22 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Progressive Tribune Society issued a statement in which it praised Bahrain's decision to commute the death sentences that the Military Court of Cassation had upheld against the defendants in the assassination of Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed case.

The Society said it is a positive step that has had a positive impact on the citizens and can have a positive impact on the process of restoring stability in the country and the progress of political life, calling for further steps that would revive the political and societal life in Bahrain.

The Progressive Tribune called on the King not to ratify the bill passed by the House of Representatives, denying members of dissolved societies the right guaranteed by the constitution to run in parliamentary and municipal elections.

It also called for directing the responsible authorities in the state to create a suitable atmosphere and strive to reduce the tensions by addressing the outcomes of the crisis wisely and prudently.

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