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Arrivals from India’s Kerala to Undergo Medical Check-up at Bahrain Airport after Deadly Nipah Virus Outbreak

2018-06-03 - 1:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: The passengers arriving from the Indian state of Kerala will undergo a medical check-up at Bahrain Airport after two reported cases of the fatal Nipah virus, which causes brain damage, were confirmed in the southern state of Kerala on Saturday, a medical source said.

The examinations, which began Friday at Bahrain airport, will be conducted on passengers who have symptoms of flu, cough or colds. Dr. Adel Sayyad, a specialist in communicable diseases, said the suspected cases would be subject to medical isolation for further tests.

He explained that although the infection does not spread, there are people under surveillance in Kerala, as two cases of death were reported in the state, which called for this action in Bahrain to avoid any risks.


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