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More than 7,000 Indians Held in Jails Abroad, Most in Gulf Prisons

2018-08-01 - 7:14 p

Bahrain Mirror: A report said that the Middle-East countries have the highest number of Indian prisoners in foreign jails, according to data shared by the external affairs ministry.

As of 20 July, 2018, a total of 7,737 Indians were held as captives in different jails of foreign countries, minister of state for external affairs, said Wednesday.

United Arab Emirates has the most Indian captives at 1,690 captives. Saudi Arabia has 1,575 captives, followed by United States with 647 prisoners.

Last year, 7,620 Indian nationals were recorded to be in foreign jails - Saudi Arabia ranked the highest.

The Indian government paid amounts of money to several countries in order to release its prisoners. It paid the highest amount to the Emirates, more than $219 thousand and more than $24 thousand to Iran. It also paid an amount exceeding $14 thousand to Greece and about $7.2 thousand to Bahrain, noting that Bahrain only has 95 prisoners.

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