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Qatar Injects $15 Billion into Turkish Economy

2018-08-16 - 7:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: Qatar announced pumping investment of $15 billion in Turkey across a number of projects, after talks between Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"We stand by the brothers in Turkey that have stood with the issues of the Muslim World and with Qatar," Sheikh Tamim said in a tweet. "As part of the important talks that I held in Ankara on Friday with His Excellency President Erdogan, we announced a $15bn deposit package and investment projects in the country, which has a strong and solid productive economy."

The two leaders held talks at Erdogan's presidential palace in the capital Ankara and discussed bilateral and strategic relations as well as latest developments in the region and on the international scene.

Qatar News Agency stated that Emir of Qatar directed to send a package of economic projects, investments and deposits by approximately 55 billion Qatari Riyal in support for the Turkish economy.

Commenting on this step, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry Lulwah Rashid Al-Khater tweeted "The stability, prosperity and economic and social security of our sisterly country Turkey is vital for the whole region."

For his part, Turkish president spokesman said "Qatar will invest $15 billion in our country. Our economy is based on solid foundations. Turkey will emerge stronger".

Turkish- Qatari relations witness coordination at all levels, on the basis of the two countries' joint visions in all the Arab, regional and international issues.

Doha and Ankara are linked with close economic and trade relations, which were positively reflected on the volume of trade that reached 9.4 billion Qatari Riyal (approximately $ 2.6 billion) in 2017.

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