Gulf Ministers of Finance Met in Manama to Discuss Choices of Supporting Bahrain

2018-08-16 - 10:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Ministers of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain reviewed options to providing the necessary support to enhance the stability of public finance and further stimulate economic growth in Bahrain.

A joint statement said that the minister met in Manama on Wednesday (August 15, 2018) to review a technical report, which includes a comprehensive fiscal balance program, prepared by the four countries' joint working team in coordination with the Arab Monetary Fund.

The Ministers reaffirmed their countries' commitment to supporting the stability of public financing and continuation to enhance the economic growth in Bahrain through implementing program to achieve financial balance between expenditures and revenues according to performance standards and indicators for its implementation.

Bahrain suffers from financial problem amid decrease in oil prices and increase of public debt to record numbers as the political crisis in the country continues.

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