Protestor Receives 3-Year Jail Term over Putting “NIDO” Can on Street

2018-10-15 - 7:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High appeals Criminal Court rejected the appeals of a youth (21 years old) convicted of putting a hoax bomb on public street in Jid Ali area.

The police said that the youth put 4 small-sized batteries connected with black electric wires and small torch as well as other materials and a "NIDO" can inside a black plastic bag to allure police that it is a bomb, aiming at disrupting public peace.

Bahraini courts issue harsh verdicts against protestors, reaching citizenship revocation. The country is witnessing ongoing protests in several areas since the authorities succeeded, with Saudi Arabia's help, to disperse protestors from LuaLua Roundabout in 2011.

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