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Case of Murderer of Bin Shida Mosque Imam Postponed to October 31

2018-10-16 - 7:31 p

Bahrain Mirror: Muharraq Chief Prosecutor said the High Criminal Court completed on Monday (October 15, 2018) hearing the case of killing Bin Shida Mosque Imam which was referred by the Public Prosecution on charges of premeditated murder, concealing crime-related evidences and hiding the victim's body and violating its sanctity.

The Public Prosecution presented to the court the report of the tripartite committee of psychiatrists who confirmed that the first suspect does not suffer from any psychological or physical problems before and when he perpetrated the crime and that he is held fully responsible.

Pursuant to that, the Public Prosecution demanded to hand down utmost punishment to the suspects and sentence the first one to death.

The court adjourned the case to October 31, 2018 to issue the verdict.