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Al-Watan Newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief Sentenced to One Month in Jail over Charge of Insulting Former MP Anas Buhendi

2018-10-19 - 10:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Second High Criminal Court sentenced Al-Watan newspaper's editor-in-chief, Youssef Al-Binkhalil, to one month in jail while suspending the execution of the sentence with 100 BD bail, and replaced it with an alternative manual work penalty, in the case raised against him by the former MP Anas Buhendi over slander charges.

The first high criminal court had referred the case to the Supreme Justice Council and was then referred to the second high court for consideration. The prosecution investigated the lawsuit presented by former MP Anas Buhendi against "Al-Binkhalil" in which he accused him of insulting him through an article he published in the newspaper.

Al-Binkhalil confirmed in the prosecution's investigations that the newspaper reported about a letter that was sent by residents to the Justice Ministry, denying to have insulted the MP.

This is considered a victory for the PM Khalifa bin Salman wing, added to the series of victories of this wing that included imprisoning a number of people deemed linked to the Royal Court, over managing the "Na'eb Ta'eb" account, in addition to rejecting the candidacy of MP Khalid Al-Shaer, one of those who led the campaign against the PM.

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