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Opposition Leader Comments on Life Term Verdict Issued against Him: Allah Suffices Me, for He is the Best Disposer of Affairs

2018-11-05 - 6:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: Opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman commented on the verdict sentencing him to life in jail saying "Allah suffices me, for He is the best disposer of affairs". This came in a phone call with his family.

Alya Radhi, Sheikh Ali Salman's wife, posted this comment on her Twitter account and explained that her husband said calmly "Allah suffices me, for He is the best disposer of affairs".

Bahrain's Appeals Court issued on Sunday (November 4, 2018) a life term sentence against Al-Wefaq secretary-general Sheikh Ali Salman and overturned the acquittal verdict issued by the Supreme Court. It also sentence Al-Wefaq 2 former MPs Sheikh Hassan Sultan and Ali Al-Aswad to life in jail over charge of colluding with Qatar.

Amnesty International said the Appeals court's decision against opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman demonstrates the Bahraini authorities' relentless and unlawful efforts to silence any form of dissent.

Meanwhile, Foreign and Commonwealth Office expressed its deep concern hours after the verdict was issued.

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