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Prosecution Arrests 16 Citizens Including 7 Children for 7 Days over Assembly Charge

2018-11-08 - 7:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of 16 citizens from Karbabad for 7 days pending investigation over assembly charge.

Forces affiliated with the Interior Ministry arrested the citizens within a vast campaign launched against number of areas in Bahrain on Sunday (November 4). The campaign led to the arrest of at least 20 citizens.

The arrested are: Ali Abbas Al-Shajar (20 years old), Abdulrahman Younes Al-Daqqaq (15 years old), Ali Mohesen Al-Daqqaq (20 years old), Adel Abdulwahed Al-Shajar (19 years old), Ammar Ahmad Hamdan (17 years old), Hasan Ibrahim Al-Moemen (16 years old), Mohammed Abulaziz Hussein (17 years), Ali Mohammad Ahmad (17 years old), Ahmad Habib Ali (17 years old), Mohammad Mansor Al-Daqqaq (18 years old), Abdullah Jaafar Abdullah (17 years old), Kassim Radhi Hassan (22 years old), Hamid Habib Jaafar (19 years), Ali Abulzahraa Al-Shajar (21 years old), Zuheir Mohammad Al-Daqqaq (26 years old) and Jassim Mohammad Al-Shajar (19 years old).

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