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King Hamad Reassigns Khalifa bin Salman to Form Government

2018-12-03 - 12:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: King Hamad bin Isa Al Kahlifa issued on Sunday (December 2, 2018) a royal decree assiging to Khalifa bin Salman the formation of the government.

Khalifa bin Salman (83 years) has officially been the Prime Minister since 1971.

The PM announced earlier the resignation of the government in a letter presented to the king as per the Bahraini Constitution.

Yasser Isa Al Nasser, the Cabinet Secretary General, said in a statement "the resignation follows the official announcement of the results of the parliamentary elections for the fifth Legislative Term, in accordance with Article 33 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain that stipulates the formation of a new cabinet at the start of a new legislative term."

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