Prison Terms Ranging between 2 and 10 Years against 8 Suspects Accused of Assembling in Buri and A’ali

2018-12-21 - 8:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced a Bahraini residing outside Bahrain to 10 years in jail and 100 thousand fine over charge of sending money to families of detainees. It also sentenced the second suspect to 3 years in jail and 6 others to 2 years over assembling in Buri and A'ali.

The court fined all the defendants 120 BD for the damages and ordered the confiscation of seized items.

The Public Prosecution accused the first suspect of financially supporting individuals who practice "terrorist activism" inside the country. It accused the second one of receiving money and accused the defendants from the third to the eight of deliberately damaging police patrolæ taking part in an assembly and acquiring Molotov. The prosecution accused the second suspect of taking part through agreeing and helping the suspects from the third till the eight as well as a minor and unknowns in committing the previous crimes.

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