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Health Minister: Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex Works under Pressure

2019-02-04 - 1:18 am

Bahrain Mirror: Health Minister Faeqa Al-Saleh said that Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex is fully operating under increasing pressure, refusing at the same time to offend the Bahraini doctor.

In a meeting with Al-Watan newspaper, the minister confirmed that 16000 successful operations were performed during 2018 at Al-Salmaniya. Al-Saleh added there are only 4 cases pending investigation among this huge number of performed operations. She said that 15631 surgeries were performed as well as 2000 endoscopy in 2018.

Al-Saleh explained that the number of people who visited the health centers during 2018 reached 3.8 million, while the emergency department received 258948 patients, with 233158 visits to outpatient clinics, 6889 daily cases and 125000 admitted patients in the internal medicine department, as well as 43286 patients in other departments.

The Minister of Health also confirmed that 1020 patients benefited from 55 visiting physicians who provided 708 medical consultations and 312 surgeries, noting that more than 1860 types of medicine were provided with a budget of approximately 34 million BD from July to date.

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