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Nasrallah: Today’s Ruling Regime in Bahrain is Part of US-Israeli Structure in Region

2019-02-18 - 9:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah voiced severe criticism against Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for participating in the Warsaw conference alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nasrallah said in a televised speech "when Bahrain's foreign minister sits to Netanyahu's right, this shows that the battle demands in Bahrain are real, freedoms, people's sovereignty, reform, fighting corruption and confronting dictatorship. But in depth, today's ruling regime in Bahrain is part of the US-Israeli structure in the region, and this is its foreign minister who openly speaks about the relationship with Israel and normalization with Israel."

Nasrallah said that the "shameful face" of Bahrain's Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed, and Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Adel Al-Jubeir, in front of journalists after their departure from Warsaw, indicates that they know that their normalization is a challenge to the conscience of this nation.

"The least the Arab and Islamic peoples can do as their duty is express even if only verbally a rejection of normalization," Nasrallah said, calling on the people to reject normalization, even by word and pen, "millions of our people must take to the streets to express anger and rejection of normalization."

"The conspiratorial project in the region aims at an American domination and Israeli occupation, and the rest are subordinate regimes," he said.

He added that the Warsaw Conference was aimed at supporting Netanyahu, besieging Iran and targeting the axis of resistance, as well as eradicating the Palestinian issue, normalizing and taking the Arab-Israeli relations from secret to public, but he deemed it a poor conference.

"The Warsaw conference lacked any reference to Palestine, although Israel is the head of terrorism and has targeted Iran," Sayed Nasrallah further stated.

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