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Bahraini Has Become Marginalized and Inconsiderable in his Homeland: Al-Wefaq

2019-03-11 - 8:39 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society issued a statement in which it talked about number of the living developments of Bahrainis, following policies and decisions taken by the state which contributed to the marginalization of the Bahraini citizen and making him inconsiderable in his homeland.

Al-Wefaq said "In our view, all the projects imposed by the authorities are part of the plan to transform the citizen into a desperate individual, living without hope or identity."

All the circumstances, laws and procedures work to serve and attract foreigners on one hand and marginalize citizens and drive them away on the other. The policy of the state is made legally, administratively and on the media to serve all the projects that pressure citizens, and this is justified by various institutions and programs.

"Through deceit, deception, threats and intimidation, the authorities passed the tax bill, which cannot be passed anywhere in the world by force and coercion, as corruption, domination and money management continue by the thieves who stole the people's money and wealth in order to inflate their wealth and their bank accounts. Those who stole all the state's money over decades and seized the lands, seas, incomes and projects of the state are themselves who receive taxes from citizens. The rule of tyranny has continued, because the philosophy of taxation is to impose taxes while the citizens manage their money in return through political representation and by forming their government and parliament," the statement added.

It continued "Through a well-thought-out project, the authorities started to abandon their constitutional duties and legal responsibilities, and thus began to blatantly manipulate their duty to provide housing services to the citizen through the advanced Mazaya Program and imply that they will gradually abandon their duties and become only a coordinator for housing services in the future."

Al-Wefaq further stated "It has become clear that through well-thought-out plans, work is being done to empty the state and its institutions of their content and objectives through affecting and harming the citizens in all vital and necessary sectors such as education, health, energy and services. Some of those plans are being implemented indeed and some are on the authorities' agenda for the coming period."

The authorities have made all these projects specifically to suit the thieves and those who steal public funds, and in a way that does not affect their pockets, their own projects and their growing accounts, taking into consideration what protects and keeps the foreigners in the country without any regard to the citizen.

The statement stressed that the regime has benefited from the security grip and the difficult circumstances, in which it used all the tools of repression and the creation of terror and fear to pass its plans, which are aimed at exhausting, starving and enslaving the citizen, especially since restrictions and pressures are great and suffocating. These restrictions include completely constraining freedom of opinion and expression, preventing demonstrations, prohibiting local and international media from reporting the concerns of citizens, besieging trade unions, banning association, shutting down media, political and human rights space and punishing those who think of objecting or rejecting, even if they were a part of the pro-government commercial body or even part of the House of Representatives, which is formed according to the authorities' standards and wishes, as happened when dissidents were prevented from participating in it.

In conclusion, Al-Wefaq confirmed "responding to the national popular demands related to the correct popular representation based on the principle of political partnership, building a just and strong state and respecting the citizens and making them the center of the country and the focus of attention is the only way out of the accumulated crises that will not end and will continue to expand."

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