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Al-Wefaq Condemns Terrorist Attacks in New Zealand, Says It’s Natural Consequence of Culture of Extremism and Violence

2019-03-16 - 10:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Islamic Al-Wefaq Society condemned the brutal terrorist acts committed in New Zealand on Friday in two mosques during Friday prayers.

Al-Wefaq said in a statement Friday (March 15, 2019) that terrorism has no religion and that the brutal acts of terrorism that took place are a natural consequence of the culture of extremism and violence, which is being created and nurtured by various hostile policies.

Al-Wefaq prayed for the martyrs and stressed on its solidarity with the New Zealand people and the Muslim community in New Zealand.

Al-Wefaq concluded its statement by stressing that the world, especially those who control the sources of power and information, needs to spread the spirit of peace and the culture of diversity and protect the interests of the peoples.


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