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Al-Wefaq: Bahrain Marks 8th Year under Emergency Law Amid Deadlock

2019-03-16 - 11:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain is entering its eighth year under the "Emergency Law", said Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society.

In a statement issued Friday (March 15, 2019), Al-Wefaq highlighted that Bahrain has entered a cycle of instability, disruption of the state and its institutions, collapse of all bridges of trust and end of national consensus.

It stressed that the regime had "officially" lifted the state of emergency but the measures and practices say otherwise. "The acts of retaliation have escalated and the number of prisoners is steadily increasing to the extent that Bahrain has become the state with the highest number of political prisoners."

The opposition society went on to say that the Constitution is "crippled" because its most important articles are not being followed, and the procedures on the ground do not recognize the constitution, even though this constitution is the subject of disagreement and there is no consensus regarding it.

"The external forces (of some Gulf States), which entered Bahrain and contributed to the crushing and grinding of the bones of citizens, are still present and play their role in confronting the people of the country, as evidenced by many facts and incidents, while the crimes and human rights abuses continue and even occur every hour without any deterrents, as the authorities even boast about committing these crimes," noted Al-Wefaq.

Al-Wefaq further pointed out that the basic components of Bahrain are being subjected to a heinous crime affecting their very existence due to political naturalization, the change being made to the country's identity, and deprivation of the most basic conditions of safe and dignified life, freedoms and the right to life.


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