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Bahrain's Al-Wefaq Society: The Golan Will Remain Arab

Golan Heights
Golan Heights

2019-03-26 - 12:21 am

Bahrain Mirror: The National Islamic Al-Wefaq Society in Bahrain said that the occupied Golan Heights is an Arab area and will remain so forever; an integral part of Arab lands and territory of an important Arab country, the Syrian Arab Republic.

Al-Wefaq declared its total rejection of the recent decision taken by the US administration recognizing the Golan as Israeli territory, stressing that it contravenes international treaties and charters as well as the UN Charter. "The Golan Heights are occupied territories by the Zionist entity that takes over Arab and Islamic lands until they are liberated."

Al-Wefaq confirmed that all reckless decisions relating to any Arab land, entity or history are decisions that have no value or consideration.

Al-Wefaq stressed that the provocative decisions and moves aimed at seizing the lands, resources and identity of peoples are destructive policies of aggression.

"Such ideas and propositions adopt the fight against the freedom of peoples and the consolidation of tyranny and domination in the countries of the East, and seek to eliminate any nucleus or seed of democracy in our Arab region," the Bahraini opposition group noted.

It also constitutes a cover up for the oppression of nations, violation of their freedoms and the tightening of the security grip against them, which is a completion of the project aimed at weakening these peoples and tampering with their wealth and ancient history.

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