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Israeli Wesbite Confirms Participation of at Least 3 Israelis in Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Manama

2019-04-02 - 5:42 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): An Israeli website confirmed that several Israeli speakers are to appear at a business conference in Bahrain next month.

The website stated that this move was condemned by Bahraini MPs.

It also mentioned that at least three Israeli speakers, including the Israel Innovation Authority's deputy chief Anya Eldan, are scheduled to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress that will be hosted by Manama from 15-18 April.

The Bahraini House of Representatives reiterated its refusal to the Israeli delegation participation, stressing that "Bahraini people reject all forms of normalization."

The Parliament stressed the kingdom's support for the just cause of Palestinian people, their legitimate rights and the establishment of their independent state.

It also highlighted that "the end of the Israeli occupation and the withdrawal from all Arab land is an absolute necessity for the stability and security of the region and for a fair and comprehensive peace."

The Israeli website also noted the relations between Israel, Egypt and Jordan, indicating thaat "Israel has recently seen increased behind-the-scenes cooperation with some Arab countries, particularly in tackling their shared enemy, Iran."

It is noteworthy that Bahrain's foreign minister, Khalid Al Khalifa, last year backed Israel's right to "defend itself" after its military said it struck dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria.

He said Iran had "breached the status quo in the region and invaded countries with its forces and missiles".

"Any state in the region, including Israel, is entitled to defend itself by destroying sources of danger," he wrote on Twitter.

Also in 2018, Bahrain hosted a UNESCO conference attended by an Israeli delegation.

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