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Despite Austerity Measures, Bahrain Establishes Museum for Police, Increases its Shares at World Bank

2019-04-02 - 8:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: The government signed a memorandum of understanding to take advantage of the experience of the National Museum of the United States of America in establishing a police museum at the Ministry of Interior in Bahrain.

The intentions of creating this museum come in spite of the austerity conditions announced by the authorities since about a year, and the strategy of reducing public expenditures initiated by the voluntary retirement program through which 8,000 public employees were removed, as well as the reduction and removal of a lot of government support directed to citizens.

The government said the MOU was presented by the interior minister, who also presented another memorandum of understanding with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on security cooperation.

On the other hand, the government agreed in its session to increase the kingdom's general and selective share at the World Bank (WB) after reviewing a memorandum submitted in this regard by the Minister of Finance and National Economy Minister. The move is in line with the kingdom's keenness to contribute to WB's plans to increase its capital and implement reform projects.

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