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Al-Wefaq Calls on Honorable People to Withdraw from Entrepreneurship Conference

2019-04-03 - 5:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society called on all honorable people to boycott the Entrepreneurship Conference, which will be held in Bahrain from the 15th to the 18th of April. It hosts a group of Zionists, who have occupied the land of Palestine. Thus, it has become a conference for declaring normalization with the Zionists and imposing the Zionist project in return for the rights of the Arab and Islamic nation.

The society hailed all the honorable Arab and Bahraini stances, which declared boycotting the disastrous conference, stressing that these stances will be recorded in the history of honorable people, and all the participants in these conferences, which sponsor and embrace the normalization project with the Zionists, will be disgraced. It added that this is a major crime that everyone who contributes to committing it will be held accountable by history and fair law.

Al-Wefaq calls for banning and preventing all participants in this conference from participating in any program, event or activity in any of the Arab and Islamic countries, which is the least we can offer to the nation's central cause in the face of terrorism, killing and destruction practiced by this usurper entity.

It confirmed that the Bahraini regime is responsible for the crime of normalization and for throwing itself into the arms of the Zionists. It added that the heads of the regime are the ones behind these normalization projects and the aims are very clear, the regime needs immoral international support after it has lost its people's embrace and support, which drove it to abandon all commitments to Arab and Islamic causes.

Al-Wefaq pointed out that the regime is in confrontation with the people of Bahrain, and there are no longer any commitments between the two sides at all levels, which leads the regime to abandon all of its obligations and duties, even humanitarian and subsistence ones, to the extent of normalizing with the Zionists despite the great popular rejection and the national consensus on that.