Editorial: Voices of Condemnation Fall on Entrepreneurship Congress Participants’ Deaf Ears

2019-04-10 - 3:48 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): About 600 Bahraini figures are to take part, along with a Zionist delegation, in the Entrepreneurship congress to be held in a few days. Meanwhile the widespread popular campaign is still expressing condemnation, but its demands have fallen on deaf ears.

These entrepreneurs will meet in mid-April with a delegation of 45 Zionist figures, including reserve Israeli occupation army personnel. It is clear that this doesn't seem to be a matter of concern to the participants, let alone a significant issue.  

The Bahraini regime always needs entrepreneurs to put in the front lines to cover its deviant and dubious plots and its authoritarian political orientations, as well as its unjust economic decisions imposed on Bahraini citizens. It is always in need of someone to perform its dirty work for it, so that they would be the façade to be blamed and condemned instead by Bahrainis. The regime needs people whose lives are led by money, personal interest and nothing else, and their mission is to allow them be at the forefront on behalf of the regime showcasing its projects and decisions, which the regime knows will be faced by great resentment and rejection from Bahrainis. They are its tools in passing these decisions or directing public opinion by establishing the lies and allegations that serve its approach, and promoting them as solutions to Bahrainis' distant and current problems. We have experienced this in terms of the political and economic situation and this time we will experience it through normalization with Israel.

The regime used 600 Bahraini figures to use as its public façade towards normalization through the Entrepreneurship Congress. It is but a congress towards normalization in Bahrain flowing in a rapid Gulf rate to gain US amiability. It also aims at replacing the real established image of Israel in the mutual conscience of the nation, i.e. an enemy and force of occupation, with it being a friendly democratic and strategic ally in the security of region. These 600 have accepted to take on this nasty mission. They wanted to be among the first entrepreneurs of normalization.

Everyone knows that this conference, with its participants, is only a panned step, within an organized series, that is moving towards repeating the act until it becomes a habit and make the rejected an admissible reality.

Only a few people withdrew from the congress, while others didn't even refrain from taking part in the event, neither shaken by the pressure of the community's condemnation, nor by the calls sent to them in person by civil societies opposing the event. They were not triggered by an ethical, humanitarian or patriotic (Arab) stance, only money and interest guided them.  It is not a matter of personal convictions, but of ugly material selfishness, which leads the human being to abandon every human sense in him towards others, whether unjust or oppressed, a murderer or victim, a rapist or raped, a robber or stolen from, such a person would not care. Everything falls on his deaf ears. The only thing that matters to him is the money he gains from the normalized relations.

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