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Detainees' Families Resort to Rescue Police to Dispense Medications, Improve Living Conditions in Prison: Activist

2019-05-01 - 5:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that the conditions in prison didn't get better and that the detainees' families are resorting to Rescue Police in order to dispense medications and improve living conditions of their imprisoned sons.

She explained via her Twitter account that the family of cancer patient detainee Elias Al-Mullah resorted to the Rescue Police to help their son who was prevented from medications.

Al-Saegh added that the family of inmate Mohammad Al-Singace also resorted to the Rescue Police to enhance the living conditions in the prison to be consistent with his health potentials, which require a specific pattern in movement and sitting because he suffers from a back disk, an injury resulting from torture during detention according to his documented testimony.

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