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FA Minister: Elysee Statement Already Prepared, King and French President Meeting didn't Discuss Political Dialogue in Bahrain

2019-05-01 - 5:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: Minister of Foreign Affairs Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa denied the content of the statement issued by Elysee presidential palace following the meeting between the French President and King of Bahrain. He said that the French President Emmanuel Macron didn't call on the Bahraini king to conduct a comprehensive political dialogue and guarantee human rights in Bahrain.

The minister said via his Twitter platform "the meeting of my King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa with the French President Emmanuel Macron was clear and beneficial and it covered all aspects of cooperation between the two countries as well as all the current issues in the region. The meeting didn't discuss any political dialogue in Bahrain or any cooperation in fashion field as mentioned in the Elysee statement, which was previously prepared."

He added "the French President didn't raise any issue related to political dialogue. There is a political dialogue in Bahrain that takes place every day through legislative institutions and free expression in the press and media. Instead, the French president praised the King's policy of reform and openness and encouraged continuing in this right approach."

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