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Marking Labor Day, Al-Wefaq Says Overcoming Hard Conditions of Workers Needs Brave National Vision

2019-05-02 - 10:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society praised the workers of Bahrain, both citizens and foreigners alike, commending them for their struggle, what they have offered, as well as their hard work and patience.

Marking Labor Day on the first of May, Al-Wefaq said that all the pressing challenges, the difficult circumstances and the stifling conditions that surround the Bahraini worker can be overcome by having a courageous national vision that renders the citizen the center of the building process and the priority in terms of employment, salaries and promotions.

The opposition group further pointed out that there are thousands of Bahraini workers behind bars in the Bahraini regime's prisons for their opinions and political stances, adding that their imprisonment is a huge loss for the country and its rise. Al-Wefaq also paid homage to the imprisoned workers of Bahrain.

Al-Wefaq then concluded its statement by stressing that a democratic system, political freedom, freedom of forming civil society institutions and freedom of the media are the guarantee of a stable and balanced work environment and a solid human and labor conditions that serve the workers in Bahrain.


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