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Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim Stresses on Importance of Political Reform in Bahrain, Greets Sayed Al-Ghuraifi

2019-05-06 - 5:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim issued a statement in which he sent a message to the people of Bahrain and greeted Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi.

Sheikh Isa said "Bahrain has deep radical backwardness in its political structure. The regime dominates all the capabilities, capacities, abilities and people and their conditions, land, sky, present, future, convictions, hopes, aspirations, feelings and relationships."

"Thus, the regimes' killers reach the soul, the body, the religion, the sociology, the culture, the security, the economy, the freedom, the cultural level, the psychology, the scientific level, and all the dimensions of the people and the aspects of their humanity."

"Therefore, it is crucial to implement reform in order to save the country and its people, and to protect the land and everyone and everything above it from a prompt, urgent, un-delayed destruction," he added.

Ayatollah Qassim stated "There is no way to reform, reform - if occurred - has no value, there is no guarantee for the continuation of reform, and there is no seriousness in reform - even in the relative sense - unless the standards applied today by the political systems, which are known as advanced democratic systems that denounce other backward regimes, are adopted. In all political affairs, these standards emerge from the opinion of the people, the will of the people and the decision of the people."

"True Muslims do not believe in a savior or a solution to the political problem - which humankind has found insolvable - other than Islam. Nevertheless, the practical demand politically, for a large number of Muslim peoples, focus on non-counterfeit democracy."

He noted that "The Bahraini people have a long-standing demand movement. They have made enormous sacrifices and exerted strenuous efforts while demanding and insisting on democracy, in a country that does not declare its rejection of democracy, but may claim to have it, knowing the truth or false of what it claims, while the whole world knows too."

"In order for reform to be valid, fixed and safe from rapid fluctuations and prompt consecutive setbacks, it must include and focus on the political dimension, political relations between the people and the government, and that the people are the source of power, which conforms with the democratic doctrine," Sheikh Qassim said.

He added "Not any part of reform should be confronted or rejected, it should not be called big if it was small, and in case there were a lot of reform, it should not be considered a little. Imperfect reform should not be considered perfect and vice versa, in conformity with justice and honesty."

Sheikh Isa stressed that "Partial reform is not enough, not acceptable and not reassuring. The main problems should not be forgotten if the minor problems and the shallow consequences of the main issues were solved."

"Everyone hopes that beloved Bahrain becomes completely and truly secure and enjoys honorable and faithful human relationships, justice and peace, and its people be happy and strongly move forward on the right path for the sake of all, and exercise their urban role assigned to them by their great Creator. As a result, every individual and his human brother on this earth would transform into a great presence, and the earth itself would transform into a paradise that enjoys some of the beauty of the Great Paradise in the Hereafter."

He said "Before I end my speech to the dear and honorable people, I would like to pay my respects to my beloved brother, Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi, the teacher of faith, missionary, human love and noble morals."

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim concluded saying "My regards to all the honorable people of Bahrain, who love Bahrain and wish that it enjoys faith, righteousness, justice, pride and dignity, and who strive on this path in order to please God in serving humanity and achieving the welfare and dignity of the people."

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