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First Palestinian Businessman Announces Rejecting Invitation to Participate in Conference in Bahrain

2019-05-21 - 8:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: Palestinian businessman and founder of Rawabi City Bashar Al-Masri rejected the invitation he received to participate in "Peace to Prosperity" workshop that will be held in Bahrain.

Al-Masri explained through his Facebook page that he was invited, as many economic and political figures, but he refused to participate in the workshop.

He said that "he will not work with any event outside the Palestinian national consensus... We, Palestinians, are able to advance our economy away from external interventions."

He added "the idea of economic peace is an old idea that is now being put forward differently, and as our people previously rejected it, we reject it now."

The Palestinian authority has expressed its deep pessimism over the plan to hold a conference in Bahrain to encourage investment in the Palestinian territories, as the first step of the US century deal.

It is to note that the US and Bahrain announced in a joint statement that Manama will host on 25 and 26 June a conference to encourage investing in Palestinian areas.

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