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Anti-Terrorism Law in Bahrain Legitimizes Terrorism against those who have Different Views: Al-Wefaq

2019-05-28 - 8:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the so-called Law on the Protection of Society from Terrorist Acts has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, but many of its articles turned it into a law that legitimizes official terrorism in pursuing and targeting those who have different views.

It confirmed that the regime in Bahrain is fighting a losing battle against the unarmed and peaceful people of Bahrain, who are demanding democratic transformation, public freedoms, social justice and fighting corruption. The regime works day and night to enact laws that are not governed and contradict the most basic elements of life and contravene international decisions.

Al-Wefaq said that successive legislation and amendments, especially with regard to the Anti-Terrorism Law, target freedom of opinion and expression and prevent citizens even from posting any tweet Twitter to criticize the massive corruption in Bahrain or to criticize abuses and crimes affecting human rights.

The society confirmed that the official crimes, corruption, tyranny and possession that are taking place in Bahrain are unparalleled in the region, but the regime uses the law that it has developed to prevent any criticism of it or of the crimes or the corruption.

It revealed that the death chambers in Bahrain are operating around the clock, and have not stopped, but are constantly escalating the use of the worst forms of torture and degrading treatment using electricity, sexual harassment, etc. These laws are used to prevent any talk or hint about these crimes.

Al-Wefaq said that the regime tightened its grip on the money, wealth, land and every inch of the country and left nothing to the country, adding that it finally resorted to imposing taxes to cover up failure, corruption and emptying the state treasury. Al-Wefaq added that no one can say a word because the restricting laws can transform them into an additional number in the 5000 political prisoners held in the regime's prisons.

Note that the regime closed all spaces of life, completely blocked independent media, banned freedom of assembly and demonstration, closed down civil society institutions by force, dissolved political associations, shut down cultural associations, put activists in prisons and revoked their nationalities, and targeted everything in Bahrain and abroad in order to make the world believe that the country is stable and things are fine.

Al-Wefaq finally stressed that the people of Bahrain insist on their just demands of freedom, justice, building the state of institutions and law and empowering the will of the people. It expressed solidarity with all activists, journalists, opinion makers and citizens living under the burden of terror, fear, threats, silencing, security services' pursuits and overcrowding of prisons and exile destinations.