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Al-Menbar Progressive Society: Bahrain Shouldn’t Ignore Palestinian Authority's Protest against Manama Conference Paving Way for “Deal of the Century”

2019-05-25 - 2:18 am

Bahrain Mirror: Progressive Tribune Society (Al-Menbar) Society announced its opposition to the Kingdom of Bahrain hosting a conference that paves the way for the US-led "Deal of the Century" on the Palestinian cause.

"It was recently announced that on June 25 and 26, the Kingdom of Bahrain will host the so-called Peace Workshop for Prosperity, which the White House admitted will unveil the first phase of the so-called Middle East peace plan, which confirms concerns that this workshop is a vehicle in the train of the deal of the century, aimed at eradicating the national cause of the Arab Palestinian people," said the Society in a statement.

"The Palestinian Authority has announced that it has not been consulted about holding this workshop in Bahrain, while the United States has invited the Israeli government to attend, exposing the intentions to proceed with the conclusion of deals aimed at imposing surrender on the Palestinians and Arabs, as well as eliminating the Palestinian cause," the statement further read,

The Society also stressed that "like all national and societal parties in our country, and all the masses of our people of Bahrain, we declare our objection to the hosting of this workshop on our homeland..."


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