Who’s the Drug Dealer Pardoned and Released by Bahrain’s King?

2019-05-26 - 11:37 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): From among the 5,000 political prisoners in Bahrain, the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has released none. Of the 5,000 political prisoners, only one has been sentenced to alternative punishment.

However, this special pardon was issued by the king for a criminal prisoner who was an arms dealer, and smuggled and sold deadly drugs, and he was released (May 23, 2019), to break his fast with his "poor" father Khalifa Dhahrani!

According to news from the prison, the prisoner sentenced to three years on drug cases, Abdulrahman Al-Dhahrani, the son of former Speaker of the House of Representatives Khalifa Al-Dhahrani and brother of Judge Ali Al-Dhahrani, was released and granted a special pardon, after spending only 8 months of his sentence in Jaw Central Prison.

There were many reports about Abdulrahman Al-Dhahrani's special treatment, the number of private visits he received, his temporary release, home visit, and nights spent outside prison; all this took place in just eight months.

Who is Rahman Al-Dhahrani, and what information is available about his crimes?

Abdulrahman Khalifa Al-Dhahrani, the son of former Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the brother of High Criminal Court judge is notorious for his semi-public weapon and drug dealing. He smuggled them through the King Fahd Causeway, colluding with some customs officials to pass without inspection. Inside Bahrain, he sold drugs and weapons in a semi-public manner, without being subjected to arrest, punishment or accountability.

In his home at the old Bahrain Defense Force housing compound, Abdul Rahman Al-Dhahrani stores his goods that include weapons and drugs. He sold unauthorized Russian weapons to some Bahrainis and members of the Syrian and Jordanian communities. The price of a machine gun that he sold amounted to BD 1,400. It is noteworthy that many foreigners who were naturalized for political reasons now have weapons in their homes.

There is a close relationship between Abdulrahman and Mutashar Syrian family, who are residents of Hamad Town. Their son Isa Mutashar promoted Al-Dhahrani's merchandise of drugs and weapons to some Syrian and Jordanian nationals. The process of trying the weapons took place in a military area behind a landfill.

Not only did Abdulrahman sell arms, he also used it on more than one occasion since the February 14 events, known as the period of "national safety". In the presence of security forces, Al-Dhahrani fired shots in the Sanad area during the last days of the national safety period. He also used weapons in the Riffa area at what is known as the "Clock Roundabout" and was accompanied by a large number of thugs who carried swords and machetes in front of the security men, who didn't bat an eye.

He was also involved in the known attack on the "24 hours" refrigerators, which was documented by videotape but no legal action was taken against the suspects who were shown in the video committing the crime.

Al-Dhahrani opened fire as well with a heavy weapon at the Bahrain International Circuit during the national safety period, in which an innocent resident of Sitra area was injured. During the time the fact-finding commission was carrying out its investigations, his father Khalifa Al-Dhahrani ordered him to leave Bahrain over fear of being held accountable. In the meantime, he traveled to Malaysia and Thailand, and returned after the commission had completed its work without being subjected to any kind of accountability.

This is one of the pictures of fake justice in Bahrain, one of the forms of blatant discrimination which the regime practices unabated. The judiciary in Bahrain doesn't agree to apply the alternative penalty law on a peaceful activist like Nabeel Rajab, yet applies it to an arms and drugs dealer!

This is an image reflecting the King who established a tolerance center yet he still doesn't tolerate everyone. He tolerates criminals, such as the sons of those close to him, and couldn't care less about the rest.


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