Happy Eid to Prisoners

2019-06-09 - 2:46 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): People in Bahrain are not treated equally even in the morning of the Eid holiday that is celebrated with sweets, the scent of incense, joy and laughter of children and kisses on the grandparents' foreheads.

Political prisoner on death row, Maher Al-Khabbaz, whose legal proceedings ended and is only now waiting for the King to sign his death sentence, sent a voice message to his family and beloved ones saying: We wish we were with you on Eid this year. Hopefully, we will be with you next year.

Maher Al-Khabbaz, as well as about 5,000 other political prisoners, do not get to spend Eid with their families. There are no sweets in prison and no incense, only iron bars behind which they languish.

The imprisoned free people of the kingdom enjoy no Eid as well, as the Eid holiday, according to the authorities and judiciary that are plagued with corruption, is only meant for people like Abdulrahman Khalifa Al-Dhahrani, the arms and drugs dealer who was temporarily released to spend Eid with his family.

Thousands of children were deprived of their mothers and fathers. Thousands of wives, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles missed one or more of their beloved ones, who were imprisoned for demanding freedom.

The wound was deeper with the families of martyrs. What could be said to the mother of martyr Ali Al-Sheikh who was killed on Eid, and whose father is behind bars as well. What could be said to the mother of martyr Hasan Al-Bahrani, the families of martyr Ali Al-Moemen and martyr Abdulrida Bu Hamid and all mothers who lost their sons!

We tell Maher, as timidness overwhelms us, and the 5,000 political prisoners and martyrs' mothers and fathers that Eid with you is full of pride. The Eid becomes more dignified with the soil of your beloved ones' graves and photos of those who were taken away from you. Happy Eid.

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