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Hamas Condemns Bahraini FM Statements, Dubs them "Irresponsible"

2019-07-01 - 2:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Palestinian Hamas Movement issued a statement on Friday (June 28, 2019) in which it denounced the remarks made by Bahraini foreign minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and dubbed them "irresponsible".

The movement said in a statement that it "strongly denounces the irresponsible remarks made by the Bahraini minister of foreign affairs which he always promotes Israel, and the assertion of keeping it part of the country's heritage and that the nation's real hostility is not with this entity".

"Such remarks and ideas are strange to the values, principles and nobility of the Bahraini people who love Palestine and support the resistance," Hamas said.

The Movement also described the Bahraini minister's remarks as "deviation from the norms of the Arab and Muslim nations."

It called on the people of the region and all of their parties, as well as the Bahraini people and political parties to reject these remarks that are against their honorable stances that reject the deal of century and this entity as well as normalizing with it, in addition to conference of selling Palestine and liquidating the rights of Palestinians.

Hamas also called in its statement for continuing to support the steadfastness of the Palestinians and helping them encounter all challenges and conspiracies, until the liberation of their land and sanctities.

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