Information Ministry’s Terrible Failure: Wanted to Refute Film, but Ended up Proving It

2019-07-19 - 2:32 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini Ministry of Information Affairs wanted to make things better, but it ended up making them way worse, after it failed to refute the information mentioned in "What is Hidden is Worse" program aired on Al Jazeera channel and come up with a coherent narrative. It seems that the producers of the show, which aired the actual Bahraini government's response to Al Jazeera's film, did not bother to put in some effort and only took the recordings handed over to them by the National Security Agency and aired them without any editing. As a result, the state television proved the accusations raised against the government, which it wanted to deny.

We now know through national television (not Al Jazeera) that the leader of the terrorist "Jund Allah" [soldiers of Allah] group Hisham Al-Baloushi has close ties with the Bahraini Security Agency. "My brother's relation with the security agencies is good. The security agencies have always helped him," through these words, Hisham Al-Balosuhi's brother, Jamal, spared Al Jazeera further efforts to seek additional evidence to prove its narrative about his deceased brother.

Then, we are told that the recordings are definitely true. They were not recorded outside Bahrain or under pressure. It was also proven that the chair that caused debate within the past two days was only a chair in Hisham Al-Baloushi's house in Hamad Town.

There is nothing that makes one believe what the security agency said about the witnesses, such as saying that the tapes were recorded for another purpose. Bahrainis know very well the techniques of the security agency and how confessions are extracted under pressure and torture. For eight years, all of Bahrain has been under the mercy of failed security policies that have turned the country into a large imprisonment camp where only silent people can survive. The effects of these policies have recently reached government loyalists who began to become guests in prisons, as some were threatened with their mothers who were brought to them while they were in prison. Once they were released, they announced giving up public affairs "upon their mothers request".

This is the scene in Bahrain and there is no one who believes the games of the Ministry of Interior and fabricated narratives but the "social bot" cells that work for both clashing wings of the ruling family in the country and are paid for it.

The Ministry of Information and security apparatus have failed in their response to Al Jazeera. After the film aired, there was still some doubt about the recordings aired by the channel, which was the same doubt promoted by government supporters, such as that they were filmed on the same chair, claiming that this indicates they were forced to say these testimonies as well as Qatar's involvement in this. However, following the interviews broadcast on state television, this suspicion was completely eliminated. The tapes were found to have been recorded in Bahrain and those who made their testimonies had recorded them without coercion.

The first recordings are real and are much more credible because they were portrayed by choice of their owners and not at anyone's request. However, the interior ministry's recordings are totally unreliable because they were hastily recorded by force in the chambers of the security agencies. A prisoner has no freedom or choice in the grip of the security agencies.

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