Bahraini MP Jamal Bou Hasan: New Guest of “Players with Fire”

Former MP Jamal Bou Hasan
Former MP Jamal Bou Hasan

2019-07-22 - 9:26 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Whenever Bahraini government loyalists talk in defense of the ruling family, they add new evidence of further involvement. Former MP Jamal Bou Hasan who appeared on the Saudi 24 Channel to "reveal the fallacies, contradictions and falsifications in the ‘What is Hidden is Worse' show, is not the last one to prove the ruling family's involvement.

Bou Hasan reminded how the ruling family uses sectarian divisions in Bahrain and the region as an effective tactic to evade popular demands. This is the message the "Players with Fire" program wanted to send, whereas MP Bou Hasan was supposedly responding to "slander against the king and his family".

It wasn't slander or a false accusation when activist Mohammed Al-Buflasa said that King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa wants to incite Sunnis and Shiites against each other, as Bou Hasan's statement in the program confirmed this.

With his silly comments, Bou Hasan brought Bahrainis back to a time when the government used to create sectarian fabrications to incite others against protesters and demonize them. One of those comments was claiming that the opposition named the Pearl [Lualua] Roundabout after the killer of the second Muslim caliph Omar ibn Al-Khattab, [who's nicknamed Abu Lualua].

Bou Hasan did not invent this lie himself, but it was part of lies spread by the ruling family, which include falsely accusing the opposition of "cutting a Sunni muezzin's tongue, killing a Sunni taxi driver and refraining from treating Sunni patients at Al-Salmaniya hospital".

All of these lies were disproved by the Report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI). However, it only happened after they had an impact on the local and Gulf-level in inflaming opinion against dissidents to target, oppress as well as torture them in prisons without sympathy.

It seems that it is better for the ruling family to remain silent and call on its supporters to stop talking because all they are doing is prove its further involvement whenever they attempt to defend it. Just as Bahrain state television proved the ruling family ties with terrorist groups, Bou Hasan proved its involvement in spreading sectarianism.

Everybody in Bahrain, and perhaps the region, knows that the Lualua Roundabout has held this name before the protestors decided to rally in 2011. The government; however, will not take the initiative to question Bou Hasan for deepening divisions among the people of the same nation, because it saves itself, by such speech, from reiterated reform demands.

The Gulf divisions have reflected some of the bigger picture: people demanding their rights and a ruling family that wants to tear them apart by sectarianism to protect its riches. Anything put the monopoly of power is fair game and open for playing even with fire.

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