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UN Expert Urges Bahrain to Halt Executions of Al-Arab and Al-Malali amid Torture Allegations

2019-07-27 - 3:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: A UN human rights expert said Bahrain must halt the reportedly imminent execution of two men who were sentenced to death on the basis of confessions allegedly obtained through torture, and after trials which appear not to have fulfilled guarantees of fairness and due process.

"The authorities in Bahrain must immediately halt any plans to execute these men, annul the death sentences against them and ensure they are retried in accordance with international law and standards," said Ms Agnes Callamard, Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

"Capital punishment may only be carried out for the most serious crimes and after a legal process which has included all possible safeguards aimed at ensuring a fair trial," added Callamard.

"I remind Bahrain that the only thing that distinguishes capital punishment from an arbitrary execution is full respect for the most stringent due process and fair trial guarantees," the Special Rapporteur stressed.

The expert had previously sought clarifications from the Government on this case.

Ali Mohamed Ali Mohamed Hakeem al-Arab and Ahmed Isa Ahmed Isa al-Malali, were reportedly arrested on 9 February 2017 during a security operation. They were allegedly subjected to torture, prevented from attending their trial and sentenced to death in absentia.


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