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Al-Houra Police Center Asks Families of Death Convicts to Immediately Attend

2019-07-27 - 1:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Families of death convicts Ali Al-Arab and Ahmad Al-Malali said on Saturday (July 27, 2019) that they received a phone call from Al-Houra police center asking them to immediately attend in person.

The center demanded, in a phone call at about 5:30 AM, that two persons of each family attend. Ali Al-Arab's father and uncle will attend, while Al-Malali's family will be represented by Ahmad's father and uncle. Meanwhile, the authorities didn't give any explanation regarding the urgent summoning.

Activists fear that the authorities executed the two youths accused of killing a policeman. Human rights organizations confirm that the only evidence to convict them in the court was the confessions extracted under torture. 

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