Editorial: Between the Destitute and the Executed

2019-07-28 - 4:01 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): You have stained your hands with our blood to the extent that we hate the sight or mention of your name. You have made us fall in despair, not from a change in our conditions, which is deemed a sinful form of despair, but despair of expecting anything good from your dismal face. Your face doesn't bode goodness or exude even a false ray of hope. How dark and tyrannical you are!

Your wickedness is becoming clearer day by day, as what is hidden is no longer the worst. You sold the sovereignty of our country, insulted the dignity of its people, and lost its honor, thus we have become a mockery to those naturalized- the passersby, mercenaries, bidders and the greedy.

You led us to the danger zone and are killing us with one another. Do you think you are taking revenge for your security men, guards and intelligence by the blood of our sons? You are punishing our country for your sake and the sake of your family. You should hold yourself accountable and punish yourself first, since it's you who brought out the worst in your security men and it's you and your family who incited people against each other. You made people kill one another, and those who survived, you have put the noose around their necks.

Evil is foreign in people's hearts, but it is inherited in you and your predecessors and successors and this is what intensifies our despair of seeing even a ray of hope shine from your gloomy face.

You have done so much throwing us under poverty and death penalties, until we were rendered either destitute or executed. 


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