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Al-Wefaq Deputy S-G: Al-Arab and Al-Malali's Executions Considered Heinous Crime, won't Stop Our People from Achieving their Demands

2019-07-30 - 5:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi said that the execution of Ahmad Al-Malali and Ali Al-Arab is the outcome of the regime's throwing itself in the Zionists laps after its failure to put an end to the internal crisis and its need to compensate for the loss of popular legitimacy through the external support, even if it's from the Israeli entity.

Al-Daihi described the execution of Al-Malali and Al-Arab as a heinous crime and said that it is a killing of innocent spirits only to take revenge from the aspirations of these youth for freedom and dignity. He added that this crime proves to the international public opinion that the Bahraini judiciary measures against the opponents is a mockery.

He stressed that Ali Al-Arab and Ahmad Al-Malali are the martyrs of the nation, steadfastness, courage and noble humanitarian principles, adding that their blood is stronger than the tyranny and oppression.

Sheikh Al-Daihi wondered "what the regime is happy about? About killing innocent spirits that faced brutal torture and sham trials. Didn't it see how the will of martyrs defeated the bullets of death? They were receiving martyrdom with the smile of a person confident of divine justice and satisfied with god's destiny".

He stressed that they are "executing what is left of their presence through the execution of our sons. They are wrong if they think that their practices would prevent our people from continuing their way on the path of martyrs to achieve our just demands and dignity. Our heads are high and our determination is firm."

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