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Yemeni Ansarullah Movement Condemns Execution of Ali Al-Arab and Ahmad Al-Malali in Bahrain

2019-07-29 - 5:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Political Bureau of Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah Movement denounced the crimes committed by the regime in Bahrain against the people, particularly the execution of activists Ali Al-Arab and Ahmad Al-Malali.

"We strongly condemn the crimes and violations committed by the criminal Bahraini regime against the oppressed Bahraini people, the latest of which was the execution of activists Ahmad Al-Malali and Ali Al-Arab," the movement's bureau said.

"We declare our sincere solidarity with the oppressed Bahraini people and stand with their legitimate demands," it added.

The movement stressed that "without the US and Israeli support and cover, the Bahraini regime would not dare commit such crimes against the people of Bahrain, who demand freedom, dignity and independence.


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