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Progressive Democratic Tribune Calls for Political Dialogue and Comprehensive National Reconciliation in Bahrain

2019-07-29 - 11:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Progressive Democratic Tribune called for addressing the tense political conditions in Bahrain since 2011, adding that protecting Bahrain from the regional tension between the United States and Iran calls for "strengthening the unity and cohesion of the internal front through effective political dialogue, comprehensive national reconciliation, and closure of all files that impede this, either political or security related.

The Tribune's Political Bureau issued a statement following its regular meeting on Saturday evening, July 27, 2019, and said that: "Addressing these difficulties necessarily requires overcoming the ongoing political and security tensions since 2011, by political solutions, because security solutions temporary and incapable of doing so. They do not treat the roots of the problems, but rather allows the problems to continue and even worsens them.

"We hoped that the death sentences of two young men accused in security cases would not be carried out, because this distances us a lot from the option of necessary political treatment. The responsibility of the state, as well as the societal and political parties is to push the country towards a political solution that takes into consideration the regional complexities and internal political tensions, and in this option, the primary responsibility rests with the state as a political decision maker."

It went on to say that "the desired action must be in line with the requirements of confronting the severe regional risks, as the tension in the region is intensifying due to the mutual US-Iranian escalation, and the region can slide into a war that will have devastating effects, and our countries won't be safe from its repercussions, and it will also pose a huge threat to international peace and security."

The Tribune stressed that on a national level, Bahrain requires strengthening the unity and cohesion of the internal front through effective political dialogue and achieving comprehensive national reconciliation."


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