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Photojournalist Mazen Mahdi Summoned, Investigated by CID

2019-08-28 - 6:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: The General Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Evidence investigated photojournalist Mazen Mahdi on Tuesday (August 27, 2019) after it urgently summoned him without mentioning the reasons.

Mahdi said via a tweet that he was banned from mentioning why he was summoned.

This is not the first time Mahdi gets summoned and restricted. He has suffered from series of harassment during covering the field events in the protest areas throughout the past years.

Mazen Mahdi is considered one of the prominent professional photojournalists in Bahrain. He worked for the German press agency and for a number of local newspapers. He also worked as a war photographer in Iraq during the war to eliminate ISIS.

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