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Five Shiite Clerics and Eulogy Citers Summoned, Two Arrested

2019-09-07 - 7:15 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini authorities continued imposing restrictions on the Shia majority through the constant summoning of eulogy citers and Husseini preachers, where five were summoned and at least two arrested.

A number of clerics were summoned on Friday (September 6, 2019), Shiite cleric Sheikh Mounir Maatouk was summoned for the second time and arrested. Meanwhile, Sheikh Zuheir Al-Khal, Sayed Jaber Al-Shahrkani, Sheikh Isa Al-Moemen and Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Mahfouz were summoned, as well as eulogy citer Abdullah Al-Buri who was arrested following the investigations.

According to a statistic carried out by Bahrain Mirror, the security authorities have summoned 14 Shiite clerics, 5 eulogy citers and two obsequies' heads since the beginning of Ashura season (5 days ago).

Some of the clerics who were summoned and arrested are: Sheikh Isa Eid, Sheikh Sadiq Rabie, Sheikh Fadhel Al-Zaki, Sheikh Abdulmohsen Mulla Atiya Al-Jamri, Sheikh Mounir Al-Maatouk, Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Ojaimi, Sheikh Hamed Ashour, Sheikh Jaafar Al-Saegh, Mulla Kassim Zainuldin, Mulla Jawad Al-Mirza, Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Mahfouz, Sayed Jaber Al-Shahrkani, Sheikh Zuheir Al-Khal as well as Sheikh Isa Al-Moemen.

The authorities also summoned eulogy citers Ali Hamadi, Mahdi Sahwan, Sayed Hadi Al-Biladi, Ahmad Al-Owainati and Abdulla Al-Nouri, in addition to heads of "Ansar Al-Haq and Sheikh Hussein Al-Asfour obsequies". Ashura manifestations were sabotaged in a number of areas, mainly Al-Musalla and Al-Marekh. 

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