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Bahrain Muslim Brotherhood Newspaper Stops Publishing

2019-11-27 - 10:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Naba newspaper, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain, announced that it will temporarily stop publishing. Meanwhile, Chairman of board of directors said that this decision is due "restructuring".

Three days ago, Al-Watan newspaper, affiliated with the Royal Court, published a piece of news that Al-Naba newspaper will stop, before it deleted it.

It is not really known whether the newspaper will resume work or it has really stopped publishing.

"The decision to restructure the institution demands to stop the issuance until another start is prepared that responds to the demands of the digital media market," said Abdel Moneim Al-Mir, editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

He added that the paper version adopted by Al-Naba has been stopped since 2016 and an electronic version has been adopted, along with its social media platforms.

Bahrain has joined the countries that are besieging Qatar because of its support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Before that, Muslim Brotherhood assumed high positions and a large parliamentary bloc, however, the UAE pressure on Bahrain prompted the ruling family to limit the group's influence. 

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