Acquittal Verdict of 3 Accused of Transferring Funds for "Terrorist Activity" Upheld

2019-12-10 - 8:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Appeals Court issued its sentence in the presence of the first and second appellants and issued its ruling against the third one in absentia, accepted the appeals in form and substance and upheld the appealed sentence.

The high criminal court had acquitted 3 suspects of charge of transferring money to practice terrorist activity.

A lieutenant in the interior ministry said in his testimony that he received information from "confidential sources" stating that the third suspect, found in Iran, recruited the first one to help him deliver funds to people known by the third one to spend on protests. Being arrested on another case, the first suspect was questioned and presented to the Public Prosecution. Investigations showed that the second suspect, a woman, is smuggling money to her sister, wife of the third suspect, who is found with him in Iran.

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