Editorial: Joy of Victory Incomplete

2019-12-12 - 6:32 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Finally, everyone saw the tears of joy in the eyes of residents of the areas where the security services had brutalized, killed and besieged people for eight years.

The residents of Al-Diraz, Karbabad and nearby villages went out to watch the final game of the Gulf Cup spontaneously. Their gathering was neither organized by a public relations company, province or municipal council, nor "This is Bahrain" society. These are the people of the country whom Nasser bin Hamad promised to take revenge on one day, and now he comes out after every game to steal the spotlight and talk about people of leadership.

Yes, these people are leaders in political awareness and in demanding their political and economic rights, who have been leading the change in the Gulf and sacrificing their children for freedom since the 1920s.

They are in fact leaders with all the sense of the word, O Nasser bin Hamad, and not just words in poems. They are the inflamed national spirit, who transcend beyond their wounds and dare to rejoice despite the bleeding of wounds.

It's a great Bahraini joy to win a long-awaited football championship, but when will Bahrainis celebrate the restoration of their rights?

Bahrain is now flooding with people marching and celebrating this victory. Women and children are full of joy, but everyone knows that there is something missing.

This country lacks the joy of 5,000 political prisoners, and families of the martyrs who fell from 2011, such as martyrs Ahmad Al-Malali and Ali Al-Arab.

The country lacks high-level political action to restore the citizenship rights of citizens who are happy with the victory of their team. In fact there is a remaining agony. Some people expressed it through the videos of the popular celebrations or through writing on social media and said that there is an agony that ruins all of this joy.

The country cannot indulge more in joy without a solution to the accumulated injustices.

Indeed, people will not forget their imprisoned loved ones, particularly some of the team's players whose family members are behind bars. People will not forget the precious sacrifices offering the most precious and pure blood for the sake of the freedom and dignity of this people that held them high.

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