Editorial: A Country Non-Governed by Politics

2020-01-12 - 7:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Most countries of the world are run by politicians who evaluate situations every day and assess each stage. Decisions change based on data and developments. Daily life events are in continuous change, thus life progresses and the performance of governments around the globe and their approach to different issues shift based on variables, but what about us in Bahrain?

The region has been burnt by a devastating war and extremely dangerous military tension, and everything is at risk. Has the performance of the Bahraini government and the authorities changed towards certain issues? Never.

The security services have made shameful moves, hacking the accounts of activists in recent days, and summoning a number of citizens who expressed their opinions about what is happening in the region via Twitter.

The role of the Foreign Affairs Ministry has been halted since it was announced that Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa will remain in office until his successor ends his term as secretary of the Gulf Cooperation Council, while the king's media advisor Nabil Al-Hamer has been very active on Twitter retweeting every post criticizing the angry Iranians.

The crown prince and vice-king, who became de facto prime minister in the absence of his ailing uncle, is insulting MPs who wanted to set up a commission of inquiry into the causes of the economic stagnation. The commission's name irritated the Crown Prince, so it was changed.

The crown prince also became upset with the president of the Chamber of Commerce Samir Nass, whose image has been becoming lesser day after day. He no longer has a fixed opinion on the economic situation, fearing the wrath of Salman bin Hamad.

However, the Marshal, commander of the Bahrain Defence Force, held a meeting alone with senior military officers. Meanwhile, the king left for Germany to check on the condition of his uncle, the sick prime minister.

On Wednesday, hours after a very tense night in which the Islamic Republic of Iran bombed an American base in Iraq. The judges of Bahrain's High Appeals Court decided to execute two political prisoners who were found to be innocent of the charge brought against them. Their confessions came after severe torture, and orders were issued in March 2018 by the Attorney General for a retrial, after the Special Investigation Unit submitted a special report to him. However, Bahrain's judiciary acts based on orders. This ruling is a scandal. Is this how countries are run? Is this the way of politics and governance? The country is so unlucky with such leaders who are unaware of the developments around them. This is a dark era in which despair is being spread among Bahrainis.

Bahrainis live under the mercy of one-track minds that only think of and are occupied by revenge and anger- minds convinced that Bahrainis can only be led by an iron fist, fire and humiliation. Hence, Bahraini citizens are handed over to interior ministry officers to be subjected to torture, harassment, interrogation and imprisonment and then eventually execution.

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