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Sheikh Al-Daihi in Television Interview: Peaceful Approach is Strategic Choice, Sheikh Ali Salman Key to Dialogue and Solution

2020-02-14 - 5:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi confirmed that the Bahraini opposition's determination to stick to a peaceful approach is a strategic choice and not subjected to circumstances.

In an interview with the Lebanese Al-Manar television, Al-Daihi said "this strategic choice came based on a studied understanding on the opposition's part of the local and regional reality." He explained that "the opposition is committed to peacefulness as a gate to any democratic solution in Bahrain."

Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi called on the citizens in Bahrain to adhere to the positive peacefulness and continue being positively patient in order to achieve the demands of the movement that started in 2011.

"I tell the beloved Bahraini people that we are on the path of victory as Ayatollah Qassim stressed. We need positive patience," he added.

Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General reiterated his call to release Al-Wefaq Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman and stressed that his continued imprisonment "means ongoing crisis in Bahrain," stressing that "the crisis could be only put to an end with the release of Sheikh Salman". He went on to say that the opposition believes that Sheikh Ali Salman is the key to dialogue and solution in Bahrain.

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