Bahraini Youth Receives 3-Year Jail Term over Charge of "Burning Israeli Flag"

2020-02-15 - 10:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Appeals Court rejected the challenge of a defendant convicted with riots after taking part, along with others, in a peaceful protest, in support of the Palestinian cause and burning the Israeli flag and other movables. The court upheld a 3-year jail term against the defendant over the charges brought against him.

The youth confessed that he took part in the march after being incited by the second defendant, who had been already sentenced. The youth said that he, along with the second defendant and others, agreed to meet at Al-Budai Street. They arrived at the place, carrying wooden planks, petroleum, a chair and the Israeli flag. They blocked the street, put the planks, poured petroleum and lit fire in order to hinder the security forces.

The court claimed that the suspects aimed at putting people's lives and money to danger, disrupting public peace and hindering traffic.

The public prosecution had accused that youth, along with another convict, of deliberately causing a fire, on May 30, 2019, that would put people's lives and money to danger, and taking part in an assembly of more than 5 persons in a public place, aiming at disrupting peace, noting that they used violence to achieve their aim.

Thus, the first-instance court sentenced the 2 suspects to 3 years in jail. However, the first one didn't accept the verdict and appealed it. The court accepted his appeals in form, rejected it in substance and upheld the appealed verdict. 

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