King Hamad's Message to Shiites of Bahrain: You're Jaffaria Endowments' Citizens, Not Government's

2020-03-08 - 7:31 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): What happened today needs neither explanation, articles nor reports to shed light on the sectarian discrimination and persecution Bahraini Shiites are facing in their country.

How the king and his sensationalizing media acted towards the Bahraini citizens stranded in Iran after the outbreak of Coronavirus that spread in the whole world speaks volumes. They were demonized and held responsible for what they are experiencing. These citizens were abandoned. Some good people started collecting donations for the stranded Bahrainis, and then the Jaffaria Endowments directorate was allowed by the authorities to return them at its own expense, which highlights the state's complete abandonment of its duty towards its citizens.

Bahrain News Agency published this piece of news as if it were a noble deed that the king graced them with. Meanwhile, the Jaffaria Endowments Directorate Chairman praised this step. It is a shocking image of reality, so dysfunctional that it has become difficult to fix.

A few days ago the king went on a ride on his horse and had pictures taken of him, and then his media advisor Nabil Al-Hamr distributed them to the media with a news piece describing the great adventure of his king, who came out of his palace, sacrificing the possibility of being exposed to the coronavirus, saying that the people of Bahrain should: Live life normally, as there is no need to be afraid and panic.

This king has left more than 1,000 of his citizens trapped in hotels in the Iranian city of Mashhad, and prevented them from returning home. At a time when poor countries have taken the initiative to return their citizens, the people of Bahrain have been humiliated publicly, as if he is telling them: "You are not citizens, you have no human rights, and you do not deserve to be saved. You can die or live at your own expense."

This stance taken by the King shall never be forgotten, as it unveils a lot about the situation of people living under his and his family's rule. 

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