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Al-Daihi: How is Regime Preventing Stranded Bahrainis in Iran from Returning Home while Allowing Entry of People from around the World for F1?

2020-03-08 - 7:44 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, said that regime in Bahrain is preventing citizens stranded in Iran from returning to the country for political reasons, stressing that the regime is dealing in a non-national way, since all countries dealt with the issue in a different way.

Sheikh Al-Daihi posted a series of tweets via his Twitter account saying: "We emphasize that we belong to Bahrain and that our national movement regarding the Bahrainis stuck in Iran emerged from the motive of patriotism and humanitarianism to defend our people in light of the recklessness of the regime."

"The Bahraini regime prohibits stuck Bahrainis from returning to their country for purely political reasons since there are no other justifications; it is unfair and non-national, since all countries dealt in a different way from that of the Bahraini regime," he went on to say.

He added "The regime promises to organize the Formula1 in an exciting way, and it will bring hundreds of nationalities into Bahrain despite the certain danger of the spread of Corona at a time when all the activities of the world have stopped. Meanwhile, the regime prevents and rejects the return of those stuck in Iran. This situation is only justified by those who underestimate the lives of Bahrainis."

"The Bahraini regime is putting the entire people, including all sects and groups, at risk, for achieving private gains that will not benefit the country as much as it will significantly harm it when all these people, who might have Corona, come to F1 from all over the world," the Secretary-General further said.

He noted that "We are used to the fact that the regime does not miss an opportunity to retaliate against opposition supporters and let off steam for the failure of the aggravating security options, but turning the crisis of the Bahrainis stuck in Iran into an opportunity for political blackmail puts the Sunni and Shiite Bahrainis stuck there at the risk of jeopardizing their lives because of Corona."

Sheikh Al-Daihi concluded his tweets addressing "those opposing the return of those stuck in Iran, stop playing with the fate of the people of the country under false pretenses. The regime should quickly evacuate these citizens and provide appropriate and dignified health care for them. You should learn from some neighboring countries how to embrace you citizens."

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